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COVID-19 Volunteer training

In order to continue the battle against the spread of COVID-19 in Spain, SAMU Foundación carried our a call to recruit volunteers in different fields. Within two days, 600 people had responded to the call. Of all candidates, SAMU selected a total of 60 volunteers with profiles needed to respond to the crisis. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, clinical assistants, pharmacists, medical students, logistical personnel, psychologists,  educators, social workers, occupational therapists, drivers, maintenance workers, seamstresses are all part of this group. 

Fundación SAMU has habilitated a welcome center for volunteers in the facilities of Escuela SAMU de Gelves, Seville. The volunteers have received training in the center, organized by small groups and taking the highest levels of protection to ensure their safety and security. The volunteers underwent a special training on self protection in order to join the organization in their different capacities. This training covers from proper hand hygiene, to wearing and disposing of PPE. Those volunteers with a sanitary profile received an even more in depth training and a refresher course on the basic skills.

Once the volunteers had successfully completed training, they incorporated to a pool to which SAMU will call on for future calls for service in the event needed, for things like patient mobilization, logistics, emotional support among others. 

“We are preparing in case the situation turns for the worse. We are hopeful and optimistic, specially given the good results in Andalucía. At the same time, as an emergency assistance institution we are working with communities like Madrid, where the impact of the virus has been stronger. We have a team workin on supporting local efforts but in case they need additional support, we will be ready” said 

Carlos González de Escalada, SAMU’s General Manager. “This training is essential to the security and wellbeing of our volunteers”.

SAMU is thankful to all the volunteers and is constantly recruiting more volunteers in the fields of higher demands, such as sanitary workers, medical students, nurses and auxiliary personnel. Every volunteer is welcomed in this moments of crisis when society needs it the most. If you want to apply, email seleccion@samu.es.