“Because nothing teachers more than to help others” School Drive Distribution Event

Caravana Educativa

For third consecutive year we conducted a school drive distribution through the province of Tanger, Morroco.

The main objective was to deliver 105 boxes of materials to support educational instruction. The materials included: 1000 school kits ( containing backpacks, notebooks, books, pens, pencils, art supplies), toys, didactical games, clothing and shoes.
During the distribution mobile health services were provided with support from SAMU Tanger.

Mission Technical info

  • Mission name: School Solidarity Drive 2019
  • Patners: Spanish General Consulate in Sevilla, Fundacion Tres Culturas, La Caixa, SAMU Escuela de Emergencias SAMU/ Seville, SAMU Tanger, Grupo ASAN, Clinica Internacional de Marrakech, Laboratorio MSD, Fundación Rocío Vázquez y Nass Lkher.
  • Country: Marruecos
  • Departure date: October 28, 2019
  • Return date: November 1st, 2019
  • Target comunities: Marruecos
  • Targeted groups: Escuela La Madraza, Escuela Marge Iowa, Escuela Dar Maymun, Escuela Guelide, Las Adoratrices, Escuela Ehawde, Escuela Mjibha, Escuela Jesús de María, Escuela Ivitar, Escuela Karkar, Escuela Elyasamine, Escuela Dar LBerdae y Escuela Sayosa.
  • Number of contigents: 1
  • SAMU Staff: 12
    • Doctors: 3
    • Nurses: 3
    • Technician: 1
    • Students: 2
    • Logistical Personnel: 2
    • Press: 1
  • Beneficiaries: 1,000 children
  • Medical interventions: 6

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