National Emergency Support & Relief

SAMU First Response Relief and Support is a vital program, actively addressing the escalating frequency and severity of natural disasters exacerbated by climate change. Our mission is to provide swift, effective emergency responses across the United States, establishing us as a beacon of hope and practical assistance in times of crisis.

Dedicated to delivering comprehensive assistance swiftly, SAMU emphasizes compassion and rapid response. We offer essential services including shelter, protection, donation centers, food distribution, and support for immediate needs, ensuring that no individual is left behind. Additionally, we prioritize preparedness, response, and recovery, empowering communities through targeted educational initiatives and infrastructure enhancements to better withstand future challenges.

Our rapid deployment capabilities and efficient resource utilization are crucial in meeting the urgent needs of affected communities, preventing further loss of life and laying the groundwork for recovery. Our ability to mobilize quickly and provide comprehensive support underscores our critical role in the disaster response landscape. Furthermore, SAMU is dedicated to enhancing community resilience and preparedness for future adversities. Through initiatives such as educational programs, infrastructure improvements, and resilience training, we not only facilitate a swift recovery from current disasters but also equip communities for future challenges. Our proactive approach fills essential gaps in existing relief efforts and fosters a culture of preparedness and mutual support.

SAMU First Response Relief and Support embodies a spirit of compassion, professionalism, and solidarity, making it an indispensable asset in today’s unpredictable environment. As we expand our operations nationally, we invite partners, donors, and volunteers to join us. Together, we can profoundly impact the lives of those affected by natural disasters and crises, reinforcing the strength and compassion that drive our mission. With each deployment, we are reminded of the powerful influence of collective action and the lasting impact of kindness.

Learn more about our international missions:

In 2024, the Texas Panhandle faced devastating wildfires, propelled by severe drought and high winds, which affected approximately 50,000 people across communities including Amarillo and its rural neighbors. These fires consumed about 300,000 acres, destroying homes, farms, and natural areas, leading to widespread evacuations and significant disruption.

In response, a dedicated SAMU First Response team from Washington, D.C., and Maryland, stepped in to assist with heartfelt commitment and robust support. Here are some of the ways SAMU made a difference:

Heartfelt Supply Distribution: In a warm partnership with World Central Kitchen (WCK), SAMU provided nourishing meals to displaced families staying in hotels, as well as to the brave firefighters and first responders on the front lines. Together with Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), we also managed the distribution of essential supplies, bringing much-needed relief to those impacted by the fires.

Empathetic Bilingual Communication: Our bilingual team played a crucial role in communicating effectively with the diverse affected communities. This heartfelt connection was key to ensuring that aid reached everyone in need, tailored to meet their specific circumstances.

Compassionate Support at Donation Centers: Our team’s presence in two major donation centers was pivotal. Working hand-in-hand with local volunteers, authorities, and Texas Emergency Management, we helped distribute food and basic necessities, providing a beacon of hope and support during these trying times.

Generous Aid Distribution: Collaborating with local organizations, SAMU distributed over 10,000 emergency supply kits, including food, water, personal hygiene items, and basic medical supplies. These were directed to the most severely affected areas, ensuring swift and meaningful support.

Through these efforts, SAMU First Response showcased its dedication to rapid, compassionate, and efficient disaster response. Our commitment to collaboration, preparedness, and community-focused strategies shines as a testament to the power of kindness and collective action. As we continue with the recovery efforts, SAMU is wholeheartedly dedicated to nurturing the resilience and rebuilding of the Texas Panhandle community, ensuring that our support brings not only relief but also hope and a path towards a stronger future.

SAMU First Response mobilized to provide targeted, time-bound support to Casa Alitas, an NGO aiding migrants crossing the border into Arizona. The mission focused on enhancing the initial reception and stabilization of migrants by efficiently managing intake processes and essential services. In Nogales, AZ, we welcomed and assisted 400-500 migrants, ensuring a streamlined process upon their arrival. Our efforts included assessing individual needs, coordinating essential supplies distribution, and providing vital information and guidance to facilitate a smooth transition.

Additionally, we prioritized the psychological well-being of minors, offering workshops and engaging activities to address their emotional and mental health needs. Furthermore, we worked closely with local partner organizations to ensure organized departures by coordinating access to local transportation services for migrants as they continued their journey. Through these initiatives, SAMU First Response strived to provide comprehensive support to migrants and contribute to a more compassionate and efficient reception system in Arizona.