Unaccompanied minors reception and care

Humanity in care

Local integration of unaccompanied minors

Outstanding logistical capacity

Education at the core of our values

Long term sheltering for unaccompanied minors

Operation IOTA- Honduras

COVID-19 Response
Mission el Salvador 2020

COVID-19 Response

Humanitarian mission to Tan Tan

Humanitarian mission to Calais

Humanitarian mission to Nepal

Humanitarian mission Philippines

Who we are

Samu First Response is an American NGO, which draws from 40 years of experience of Samu Foundation as an international organization with over 2.100 employees in four continents We work closely with local governments and other international organizations.

How we work

Meet Lucia

“I think of this mission as a beautiful project in which we are not only sharing our knowledge but also helping to improve organizational structures and procedures. This is a demanding challenge in which our efforts must be multiplied to improve local conditions”

Mission to San Salvador, August 2020

Meet Penelope

“Thanks to SAMU I could make my dreams true. We went to Tantan (Morocco) to teach other health care providers about Emergency care. We gave them skills to safe more lives in their day to day, and they were highly grateful!”

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