Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

SAMU is a family owned business based in Seville, Spain. We provide a wide array of services, beginning with medical care. Starting in 2005, SAMU expanded into the social service fields, benefiting another significant section of the population. This will include the elderly, unaccompanied migrant minors, individuals with mental and physical disabilities, youth under social services protection, students with hearing disabilities as well as others.

SAMU also has an educational branch that focuses on training medical and emergency personnel. The work has extended beyond Spanish borders into every continent, assisting in emergency situations wherever there is a need.

We think SAMU’s concept is similar to Doctors Without Borders, but on a much smaller scale. One of the benefits is that we can go to more remote areas. Another is that our low overhead allows the money donated to have more of a direct impact. Also, we don’t “generate a need” by establishing a huge hospital that will create a void once the organization departs.

UN Certification gives us recognition by confirming that we provide Quality Humanitarian Aid. We have seen in many disasters that countries are asking for better organized help. Often they ask that everything be centralized by the UN. And in these cases, only UN Certified NGO’s are allowed into the country.

UN Certification is only given to a limited number of organizations.