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La Caixa Foundation donates € 10,000 TO SAMU Foundation to assist in their reconstruction mission in Nepal

La Caixa Social Work has donated € 10,000 to the SAMU Foundation, contributing to SAMU’s mission in Nepal. They have been present at the signing of Insausti July D. Bono, Director of the Business Center of the Caixa and Dr. Carlos Alvarez Leiva, President of SAMU, who thanked Caixa for their support of the SAMU Foundation. […]

International Meeting Crisis Management and Disaster in Curitiba, Brazil

Samu International in association with The Chains Group held the day 6-8 February in Curitiba: “The International Meeting on Crisis and Disaster Management”. The aim is to encourage debate about the importance of prior organization to crises and disasters. This meeting will feature lectures, theoretical and practical courses, also will be launched in the Brazilian […]

The SAMU team has participated in the rescue of a ferry in Santa Fe, Philippines, which has resulted in several injuries

The SAMU team participated in the rescue of a ferry in bad weather, he could not reach port. After controlling the chaos caused by the nerves of the passengers, we proceeded to landing, with neither the captain nor the crew appeared throughout the operation. When the landing was finalizing appeared the captain decided to return […]