Rolando Delgado

Respite Manager

Rolando Arturo Delgado is a dynamic professional with a wealth of experience in healthcare and project management. As the current Respite Center Manager at SAMU First Response, Rolando has proven himself to be a detail-oriented leader who excels at overseeing operations, improving processes, and ensuring legal compliance. His hands-on approach and ability to analyze financial data have contributed to the organization’s profitability, and his exceptional team leadership and communication skills have enhanced customer service quality. With a background in nursing, public health, and project management, Rolando brings a unique skill set to the table, making him a valued asset to any team.

With a strong foundation in healthcare and a commitment to humanitarian work, Rolando’s achievements extend beyond his role at SAMU. He has also served as a Patient Care Manager & Advocacy Associate at Mary’s Center, demonstrating his dedication to coaching, training, and developing plans of care. His versatile skill set includes not only medical expertise but also a talent for effective communication, advocating for safety, and resolving issues. Rolando’s ability to work with diverse populations and his track record of successfully managing teams make him a reliable and skilled professional in healthcare and project management.