Marisela Castillo

Intake and Outreach Manager

Marisela Castillo is a humanitarian worker. Since 2016, she has worked on designing and implementing social projects that benefit people living in extreme poverty in rural and high-crime areas in Venezuela. In 2020, she led the internationalization of her organization to promote social programs that benefit Venezuelan migrants and refugees living in the United States and Trinidad and Tobago.

She has lead a team of 50 people located in Venezuela and different countries for the execution of social programs developed by the organization. Her responsibilities include managing projects, supervising the team’s activities, designing communication campaigns to position the organization’s work within the humanitarian world, and attracting donations.

Marisela is also a communications advisor for the nonprofit sector, helping NGOs highlight and raise visibility for the work they do. She writes press releases, creates content (scripts, copies, flyers, institutional presentations), and dedicates herself to public relations for nonprofit organizations with companies, media, and international agencies.

Since graduating as a journalist, she has experience in ghostwriting through the publication of books in Spanish that she has either published under her own name or written for Venezuelan personalities.