Jeisson Cartagena

Respite Manager

Jeisson Cartagena is a distinguished Industrial Engineer who graduated from the National University of Colombia, with a Focus in Administration. His professional journey began in Colombia, where he garnered three years of experience in the administrative realm for leading companies in the Banking Sector and the Health Insurance Market. Upon relocating to the United States, Jeisson joined a logistics firm in Florida, where over two and a half years, he deepened his expertise in productive processes, inventory management, information systems, and quality control.

Upon settling in Virginia, Jeisson took on responsibilities as a District Manager in the Telecommunications sector. Here, he had the opportunity to boost team productivity, raising successful sales from 65% to an impressive 84%, making his district the best-performing one on the East Coast. Currently, Jeisson passionately serves at SAMU First Response, starting as a Logistics Coordinator and now holding the role of Respite Manager. In this position, he has had the privilege of assisting migrant families arriving in the U.S. in search of better opportunities. He provides them with a temporary space to acclimate, before they move on to their final destinations, where they aim to build a promising future for their loved ones.