Diana Osorio

Logistics Coordinator

Diana Osorio is a political scientist with a wealth of experience spanning more than 13 years. Her professional journey has revolved around the management of public and community projects, with a particular focus on gender policies and research, as well as empowerment and addressing issues of violence against women in politics. Additionally, she has been actively involved in the implementation of public policies aimed at promoting gender equality and supporting the LGBTI population. Throughout her career, Diana has provided invaluable technical assistance in strengthening political parties and have engaged in legislative work. In her capacity as a political scientist, she had had the privilege of serving as a team leader for diverse public projects, electoral campaigns, and political marketing initiatives.
Diana’s professional background includes a variety of roles within international non-governmental organizations and public entities, primarily in Colombia. Notably, she has had the honor of training more than 2,000 women candidates for elected positions, equipping them with technical and legislative expertise in the context of Colombian politics. Her experience extends to working closely with different underrepresented population groups, ensuring inclusivity and equity in the political arena. At present, she holds the position of logistics coordinator at Samu, where she continues to contribute my expertise to further the organization’s goals and objectives.