Andrea Gallegos

Managing Director

Andrea Gallegos-Montilla is a political scientist with 15 years of experience in international relations and multilateral affairs, program management, humanitarian aid, and direct education and service provision to migrant or low-income families. She is a multilingual Hispanic, committed to social service and impact projects. This passion started early on, as a teenager volunteering with organizations serving displaced and vulnerable populations, and has grown with experiences at diverse geographical locations, mainly in Latin America, Eastern Africa, Europe, and the US.

Andrea has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the University of Bologna (dual degree in Italy and Argentina, with a major in Latin American and European studies), and additional Professional Certificates in Social Impact Partnerships (Georgetown University), Child Development (CDA Council), Senior Management (Center for Nonprofit Advancement), and International Cooperation for Development (COSPE, Italy).

Working in a variety of roles in non-profit and international organizations in the DMV area, with particular emphasis in 2GEN programs, case management, parenting, and early childhood in different multi-cultural settings, Andrea has maintained her commitment to strengthening communities through collaborative partnerships that actively listen to the community and its stakeholders. Andrea is also committed to establishing and/or enhancing social impact projects around the world, but mostly in her family’s countries of origin (Colombia and Venezuela).